Thursday, March 23, 2006

poetry thursday


Grandma, whisper, everybody's turning around.
- Well is she being thrown out of the convent?
No, she is just going to be a governess for a while.
- What does she have on?
A brown dress, hat and she's carrying a suitcase.
- Where's she going, is she walking or what?
Yeah, she's walking to the house where she's got the job.
- Why didn't they pick her up in a carriage?
So she could sing a song on the way.
- Is this a true story?
I guess so.
- Well I bet they picked her up.
Now she's meeting the family.
- She married the father, Ingrid told me.
He's very handsome and rich.
- I thought you said she was still a nun.

Julie O'Callaghan
(from the book Sixty Women Poets edited by Linda France)

Can't you just hear them? Oh, I just love it...the silliness, the exasperation, the understanding, the obvious, the cycle of it all...

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I hope you discover a new poem that you just want to soak up into your soul.