Sunday, April 02, 2006

like december 25, 1985

in the house we lived in from the time i was about 3 until i was 11 (my favorite house; the house that sneaks into my dreams; the house i one day want to build), there was an area that was almost like a balcony near the top of the steps. it was right outside my bedroom. i could sit on this balcony of sorts and see all the way down the steps into the living room. this meant that on christmas morning, if i was really quiet, i could sit there and peak to see what might be under the tree. on christmas morning in 1985, my eyes spied cabbage patch kid twins! i recognized that big box right away. i sat there mesmerized, looking at their little matching blue velvet outfits. i could not wait until my parents woke up so i could speed down the steps and take them out of the box to play with them!

this is how i felt the entire weekend at ArtFest. christmas morning. 1985.

my heart and body and soul and mind are simply overflowing with joy, excitement, passion, silliness, love, words, color, textures...

i can't wait to tell you all about it after i drink some tea and sleep, sleep, sleep...(oh and watch the west wing. i love this show...)