Saturday, May 27, 2006

happy birthday my love

lizzy and jonny

Today is Jonny's birthday. We have spent the day eating (Red Robin) and doing a little shopping and talking and trying to prevent him from getting too upset that his new iPod isn't working (we might have to take it back...ugh) and eating some more (sushi at Blue C) and yet again (ice cream cake from baskin robbins) and now watching a movie (Wings of Desire).

Here is the little creation I made for Jonny. I scanned it so it doesn't quite come across like it appears in real life...but here it is...(the words say: she granted him one wish and he opened his eyes and he lived in his life)


I am working with these little winged girls and some words and stories. More to come.

Thank you for all of your kind words about my day yesterday. I am so grateful for every single comment and email and virtual hugs and healing energy you sent my way. How blessed I is I said to a friend: the quiet sadness is still there but a little softer today.