Monday, May 29, 2006

luscious links

here are some things that have been catching my eye lately:

letha's gorgeous clothes and jewelry in her boutique. check out the stories that go with each item...i have been lucky enough to see it all in person. oh my goodness. such beauty. (i am in love with the morgan necklace...partly because i want the story to be my story and partly because morgan is my maiden name, so it feels like it is my story.)

michelle's exciting new project. i can't wait to hear more about this!

i spent some time looking over the galleries of swirly's 52 figments project this weekend. there are several i had not seen yet. i challenge each of you - yes, you reading this right now - to send one to her this week. i am going to, please join me.

misty's artwork has been speaking to me, almost out loud, this past week. wow. and i learned a valuable lesson...if you love one of her pieces, love it enough that you think it was created for you, you should swoop it up right away. because by the time you have a conversation with yourself about how you would really like to buy it as a birthday gift to yourself, someone else will have purchased it. i am so happy that someone will be enjoying this piece, i just wish that person was me.

okay those of you who know me, or have been reading for a while, might find this next one a bit surprising. (hi dad.) but here it is. a few weeks ago i stayed up late into the night watching an evening with kevin smith. i was laughing so hard i was crying. i did not go to bed. i stopped blogging. i closed my laptop and just watched this man tell the funniest stories ever. imagine me. laughing at penis jokes. i. do. not. laugh. at. penis. jokes. oh but how i do now. when i talk about throwing my head back with laughter, i am talking about moments like this one. anyway, i read in entertainment weekly that kevin smith has a blog. and it is funny and has funny videos on it...but what really got me was a nine part post (that begins here) about his friend jason mewes (aka "jay") and his struggle with subtance abuse and their friendship in the middle of it all. in between the self-depreciating humor and the penis jokes, kevin smith gives you a glimpse into his soul. wow. but it was this post that had me crying in my cheerios the other morning. this man gets it. i wish he was my friend.

lizardek is on a vacation until next week...and while she is gone, she is having a contest. and i get to be the judge! so go check it out and enter...

and i am outing my husband from the blogging closet. here is his blog if you want to pay him a little visit...