Tuesday, July 04, 2006

good friends, good food, good music, and fun (and the smallest seahorses you ever did see)

the fun i have had since last you heard from me:

i drove to portland listening to my ipod through my car stereo...and i was in concert and getting my groove on the entire time. i saw mt. st. helen's appear out of nowhere. every other drive down to portland it has been cloudy, so this was my first time seeing her as i did. she may be shorter than she once was, but she is gorgeous.

my reason for the quick weekend trip was to spend time with kelly before she moves to san francisco. she took me to fabric depot, and i will never hear the word cute again without thinking of her. i am still laughing at the two of us and our love of fabric. even when we said we weren't going to say cute again, we did. over and over. stay tuned for my creations. (when my mom was here, we made a purse and an apron. now i have to try to make things all by myself. i have gorgeous fabric though; as a result, you might not notice imperfections that my appear in my first few solo attempts.)

kelly and i went to see the indigo girls. yes. (i actually saw them in concert in college, but their music holds a new world inside me now.) the last song before the encore was Virginia Woolf. i am going to devote an entire post to that song soon. it simply is where i am in my life. and where i have been. and where i am going. in the best of ways. and the last song was Galileo. if you do not know this song, go check it out. Right Now. i will be here waiting...

on sunday, kelly and i visited with alexandra. and talked and talked and ate a little and talked some more. i love alexandra's house and the colors of her walls and her sense of humor and how she inspires me to write. an afternoon with her is a good afternoon indeed.

today, lynn and loveshack (no, i don't call him that...but that is his name in blog world) came for the afternoon. poetry was discussed (of course); lynn is teaching me so much. it is fun! (picture me doing a little happy dance about all that i am learning!) and while i was putting out way too much food, loveshack and my jon had some discussions "outside" in the way men do as lynn did some HTML housekeeping with my blog. so, we ate good food and laughed and then we went to the zoo because i had to show lynn the baby seahorses jon and i discovered last week. okay, the adults are about the size of a quarter, so imagine the newly born babies. basically a piece of dust. they are incredible.

and now i am working some more. but soon i will be making new creations with my hands, my brain, and a little machine that sews. can't wait!

i feel good. connecting. singing. eating. laughing. i feel content and a bit lighter.
how are you?