Monday, May 14, 2007

did you wear your apron today?

apron day

i recently discovered a delightful new blog called apronista. there i learned that today is national wear your apron day! i sported one from my growing collection throughout the day. jon snapped this photo as i ironed some interfacing into a couple more selma totes tonight.

apronista is all about wearing aprons as fashion, which i totally support. i keep having all these ideas for ones to make...anything to wear all this gorgeous fabric i keep finding (and...ahem...buying).

and yes, i am totally serious about the tea towel swap. more details to come!

jon's grandmother continues to hang in there. it is hard to know how things are going, as i guess today was a tough day. but she is fighting and that is a good thing. she is having side effects from the blood thinner she is on and that is complicating things. i think jon's mom is "cautiously optimistic" as they say...thank you for keeping Gram in your thoughts.

we had the most gorgeous weather today. tomorrow it is supposed to be in the high 70s. i am looking forward to another day with all the windows open...

(on a sidenote: i think it is completely wacky that i post pictures of myself sans make-up and just think that is normal)