Friday, July 27, 2007

inspiration palette, july 27

inspiration palette, july 27

1. clothesline full of aprons, 2. Tasty cakes!!, 3. pinky trims - etsy, 4. two beauties, 5. hootys gang, 6. Aprons as Chair Skirts, 7. CIMG0949, 8. Lanterns & Tea Cups, 9. Holy Threads, 10. Blue flowers pincushion - sold!, 11. Vintage Apron, 12. Ice Cream: getting started, 13. Yorkshire Patchwork, 14. vanilla cupcakes with raspberry meringue buttercream, 15. Miss Dahlia is Just Too Enticing to Stay Away, 16. thank you very much, sibi!! ^-^/

i have been enjoying carrie's flickr mosaics for several months now; so tonight, after spending a couple of hours drinking in the inspiration on flickr, i created one of my own.

(this is too much fun!)

updated: oh and just click on the photo to see everything larger. i usually post the "medium" flickr photo, but for some reason, it would not fit. if anyone knows how i can change this, please let me know.