Friday, August 31, 2007

a poetry thursday favorite poem

the following is a poem that i wrote and shared last summer prompted by "unfinished conversations" is originally buried at the end of a long rambling post, so i decided to repost it on this day when we are celebrating our favorite Poetry Thursday contributions as a last community activity. and although i suppose it should feel odd to say, "this is one of my favorite poems," i want to say just that. we should love our own work, shouldn't we? yes. i am grateful for the words that help me heal each time i read them because this is the deep truth of experience. my experience.


The Sunday before the Wednesday I was to see you
the conversation played
on a stage in my mind.
Knowing you would pretend to be irritated that
I had flown across the country unannounced
because you did not
want me to see you like this,
I would pull the chair next to your bed,
see your emaciated body,
and my hand would brush
away the hair around your face
like I did twenty-five years ago
right before I would smear Pond’s cold cream
across your nose, cheeks, and forehead.
I would tell you that I finally understood.

But then you died on Tuesday.

In their need for reason,
people said you chose to die
the Tuesday before the Wednesday I was to see you
because you knew I was coming and
you wouldn’t have
wanted me to see you like that.
Infuriated, I turned my back
on the words that meant nothing
to the open wound you left behind
that people saw as me, and
I sat in the darkness,
my throat choked with silence,
my fingertips filled with regret that I
did not brush your hair
away from your face
when I saw you on
the morning of the Thursday after the Wednesday I was to see you,
when I heard your voice say,
It isn’t me.


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