Monday, September 24, 2007

time for a sale

bags from the little room

The "First Week of Autumn Sale" has begun over at my etsy shop.
(All the bags are around 20% off.)


I want to say thank you for all the kind comments on my last post. You all brought a smile to my face. It takes some time for the body to reboot from those middle of the night illnesses, and this morning my body is telling me that I need to spend yet another day in my pajamas. (Of course, who am I kidding, I work from home, I spend a lot of days in my pajamas; so I guess I mean, another day just taking it easy.) I hope wherever you are, you are remembering to take care of yourself and take it easy when you need to...

Days spent in pajamas taking it easy invite you to notice things because you are forced to slow down. I noticed that the sun is setting a bit earlier each day, that Millie's face is a bit grayer, how much an almost-too-hot shower cleans the soul. I took in moments in a different way and noticed how kind my husband is in the way that he talks to me and how grateful I am for this. I spent some time sewing and doing a few other creative things yesterday, and I noticed how accomplishing a few small things well at a slower pace felt good.

What did you notice during your weekend? What was one of the best moments of the past few days?