Monday, October 22, 2007

the. best. time.


fabric (new and from my stash) to be made into Natasha (reversible) aprons and other things, 22 october 07

I had the best time at artfiberfest. The. best. time.

I want to tell you about the incredible people (old friends and new) I bonded with. I want to tell you about all my classes. I want to tell you about the feeling of having someone really get my prayer flags and the moment when a person looks across the little table holding creations I made by hand and says, "This is meant to be mine." I want to tell you about my epiphanies and ideas and a very special moment I had all alone in my room at the B&B. I want to tell you about all the joy and truth that has been setting up camp in my head and heart.

And, I will. I really will.

However, I have spent the day catching up on work, mailing out a swap package, talking on the phone with a couple of friends, and trying to keep these feelings present while in the back of my mind so that I do not just get swept back into being the person who forgets what she knows to be true. And, I am a bit sleepy. But I knew, after Kelly's (insistent) gentle proddings, that I must check in here a bit.

And, the truth is that I also, of course, spent a bit of the day at a fabric store before picking up Miss Millie from doggie camp. You see, my aprons, the six aprons that I brought with me for vendor night…well, they sold. Fast. I didn't even take any pictures of them. And, lots of people asked me about them. So, I plan to make a few more to put in my shop. Which, of course, means that I had to get some fabric to supplement what I have.

gorgeous gigantic rick rack

And, I don't think a person can ever have enough gigantic rick rack, so I had to get a bit of that too.