Wednesday, April 16, 2008

five (really) good things (about today)

ground view

beach view. westport, washington. 4.12.08

1. connecting and really feeling heard by another person. (thank you)

2. getting a phone call from a friend who shared some really great news. a new baby will be welcomed into this world in november. i love that kind of news.

3. finally beginning to work on some new flag sets. (and getting my order from papier valise with some delightful bits to add to them.)

4. mugs of genmaicha tea.

5. the sun shining brightly through the window.

what five things were good about your day?
take a moment...think about them...then share them if you want. (please...just put them right in the comments of this post or on your blog and let me know about them. thinking about your five good things might just change your life...or at least your perspective for a bit.)