Tuesday, January 20, 2009


we breathe . we hope

a new pendant in the shop in honor of this day, available here

i am blessed, truly deeply blessed, to be alive in this moment watching this man take an oath that ushers in a new era of hope...of change...

(i believe there will be change. i believe.)

joy is spilling over in the form of tears today.

i keep saying these words aloud: President Barack Obama.

(and i keep singing these two songs.)

we did it.

change is here.

(and does anyone else just want to be part of all of it? i just wish there was a webcam for every moment as i don't want to miss one second of what is to come. i guess it is the west wing watcher in me...i want to know it all. i want every wednesday at 9 to be an hour of what is happening inside the west wing...inside the white house. i want to know every single detail.)