Sunday, October 30, 2005

let it out

To be brave, speak my truth.
To breathe, think deeply, then speak.
To trust. Me.
To be open to new ideas, friends, possibilities.
To be grateful for what I already know and the lessons I continue to learn. (over and over and over again)
To own what I want to do: write more, create more.
To let go of the fear of failure.
To let it out. The joy, the laughter, the sadness, the silliness, the beauty, the colors, the words.
Let it out.

inside out

if i keep stuffing what needs to escape,
it'll just circle my mind until gaining enough
momentum to blurt its case in public,
shoving my insides out, while my
outsides are aching to climb in.

- susan mrosek
(check out her website