Wednesday, December 07, 2005

gift ideas, take one

Some "stuff" to give (or receive/request) this holiday season:

For the brain:

This secret book (from the creator of the Post Secret website)
Sabrina Ward Harrison's new journal
A book about a wonderful art project full of suggestions for all
And this fantastic boardgame - a game for everyone!

For decorating you, your loved ones, your home:

These charms for you to wear, hang, enjoy. The creative fairy is my favorite. Oh but I also like the silly girl fairy and the artful fairy. And I can relate a bit too much to the TV fairy.
A t-shirt (or find another one from this great site - their $10 sale ends Thursday at noon CST so check them out soon!)
This wacky tote bag - reminds me of my atari days
Unique collars for your loved ones with four legs

Just for fun:
An uglydoll (but they are really quite cute)
Some out of this world creatures
And one splurge (or at least a splurge in my world...)

{I wanted to list a few more here but our internet connection is my current stay tuned for gift ideas, take two...}