Monday, March 13, 2006

inspire me thursday. a sense-less maze.

a sense-less creation.

close my eyes and choose random paper. keep the eyes closed and tear the paper. open my eyes. i do not love the colors i have chosen. but then i turn the papers over. interesting.

there is no sound. no music. the dog sleeps at my feet. if i really try to hear something, the clock ticks. i quickly glue the papers to the page. a bit of a puzzle. i take a break. i am hungry and need to taste and smell.

come back and spend a few minutes thinking about moments when we might really lose our usual sense of senses and have to rely on our senses in a new way. a maze. use the white oil pastel because i have a hard time seeing it myself.

there are many ways to get to the center of this maze. and many ways to get lost. i am not even sure if you can get to the center. you might just have to turn around and find another path all together. kind of like life...

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