Tuesday, June 20, 2006

notes on a quiet tuesday in the midst of a noisy moment

we are watching the movie munich. it is intense. and currently it is very, very loud. i mean, like i am there. phew, jonny just turned down the volume. he knows me. i do not want to be up to my ears in gunfire like this. i feel it in my bones and will potentially dream about it. hmmmm. eric bana. i like him; he is interesting. this movie is sad and confusing. but i am always intrigued by a peek into the human psyche. into the reasons why we do what we do and the idea that everyone has a story.

jon's father was here for the weekend. a whirlwind of a weekend. to celebrate father's day and just be here with us. it was delightful to see the two of them connect. and listen to him tell his stories. so many stories. it was fun. and we have three days of a family-free house until my mom comes on friday. a busy, busy summer. but good to have family come and visit us in our little corner of the world. and good to have the quiet in between the visits. i can find my head again and take a breath.

thank you all for your kind comments about my little story about rebecca louise. she has been living in my mind and heart since she came alive for me in the middle of the night on sunday. you will see her again, because she won't have it any other way.

tonight, jon came to my yoga class. i love teaching that class (even when there are only two students like there were tonight) because i have a student who comes every single week (she has not missed a tuesday since she began in january), and she is feeling her body and moving in ways that are inspiring. yoga is giving her a glimpse inside herself.

then later a dear friend and i were talking about the idea of dancing and movement and feeling comfortable with the body and comfortable in social situations. how it is all connected. as we look deeper inside, we begin to see.

but we are afraid. we spend so much of our lives building up fears, often without even knowing it. and then one day we realize we want to let go. and we spend the rest of the time cracking open to let the fears slip out into the night.

it is all connected. munich. stories. yoga. movement. all connected.