Thursday, August 17, 2006

in case of an emergency {poetry thursday}

If there is an earthquake or other natural disaster out here in the Pacific Northwest, the land of volcanoes and earthquakes and tsunamis, this is where you will find me. I won’t have bottled water or a first aid kit. I won’t have a hand-crank radio or my cell phone with extra batteries. No, you will find me under the dining room table with my poetry emergency kit.

Would you rather be in a total panic in the midst of a disaster or be found writing a poem?

in case

Last weekend, Lynn gave me this Poetry Emergency Kit (henceforth known as PEK).

PEK contents

PEK is one of the most thoughtful, inspiring, and downright fun gifts I have ever received.

PEK close up 1

Look at all these things to ignite my imagination and invite me to move my pen across paper! PEK has something for any moment of writer’s block. Rocks from Ruby Beach, the scent of lavender, a finger puppet to keep me company. Books! to open my mind. Two journals to write things down in when ideas and thoughts come to me. New pens in fun colors! Vocabulary cards and more. And my favorite part? See those little folders? They each hold a prompt to get me started when I feel stuck. And when I use all those prompts, Lynn is going to give me new ones. Just like that. She is the best.

PEK closeup2

i love poetry.

(thank you my friend. thank you for honoring my desire to write and believing in me.)

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(and for those of you who are worried...yes, i will probably at least add a small flashlight with extra batteries to my kit)