Saturday, October 28, 2006

flowers and some hair of red...

Thursday morning I woke up grumpy. crabby. a little bit annoyed with the world. I hate when my alarm has to wake me up. Usually I get up long before the alarm (I set it as a last resort in a kind of "guess i need the sleep if i don't get up before it" way). The alarm scared me. I woke up from a dream with my heart pounding. And then read some work emails that made me even more grumpy.

But two things got me out of my grumpiness.

The first: A gift to me from Alicia's Posie shop:

oh happy day

little blue hair fun

vintage button hair pin

(I love how she packages everything. Perfect. It really is like opening up a gift for yourself. And it would be so easy to send someone a gift from her site. Love it.

flower fun

(okay so it may not look like i am a redhead. but i am a brunette with red highlights, really i am. yep. i am.) (oh and the reason i didn't show my whole face is because i think i looked "middle aged" in that photo - not that there is anything wrong with that, if you are indeed middle aged but at 30 i don't think i am so much there yet. but a clerk at the mall said to me, after i commented that i hadn't noticed this new hipper section of clothes that isn't just for juniors before, "yes, it is kind of a hip middle age section." ah. okay. glad i just bought one thing. oh and she was, by the way, my mom's age. so a bit older than moi.)

The second thing that got me out of my crabbiness was a phone call from my friend (thanks V. so good to catch up).

I highly recommend buying yourself a little gift or two from one of the independent artists out there in blog world. Go on. You know you want to.

Happy weekend!