Saturday, May 19, 2007

ten things plus one

1. my shop is going to open on tuesday! here is another preview:

prayer flags: senses series (in pink)

selma tote: rainy days

prayer flags: seek series

2. i watched roman holiday last night for, i think, the fourth time. i love that movie.

3. watching roman holiday made me want to get my hair cut ala audrey in the movie or like amelie. (i am going to keep it long though.)

4. jon and i keep our healing candle glowing almost all the time nowadays as we know (and know of) several people who are ill or are waiting for test results. i know it isn't much, but i hope it helps in some way.

5. gram is still in the hospital and needs some sort of procedure/surgery. it is scary.

6. when gram comes home, i am probably going to go and stay with my in-laws and help out. i am selfishly hoping that is soon! as i am excited because their town has so many antique stores. (okay, you know, all i really want is for her to be okay, but that is the spin i am putting on all of it to try to be a little silly.)

7. i have been working a lot lately and when i am not working, i am creating and organizing for my shop...i kind of want to go and see spiderman tomorrow just to do something that won't allow me to multitask. because even while watching tv or talking on the phone or eating or talking to jon, i am multitasking with photoshop or email or cutting or pasting the list goes on and on.

8. i am so excited to have a banner fairy (she is rescuing me from this equation: photoshop + liz = tears).

9. i am trying to figure out what kind of ink might be "waterproof" enough to be used on flags that would go outside. anybody have any ideas?

10. after gorgeous days filled with sunshine, we are doing the nothwest grey thing now. i have to admit, i kind of like it. a day for sweaters. but i do hope the sun will come out...ahem...tomorrow.

+1. several people have signed up for the tea towel swap! if you want to join in, check out this post for details.

{updated: thanks for letting me know about the comments everyone. not sure why they were disabled...ahhh...blogger}