Wednesday, June 06, 2007

grateful, hoping, and other stuff

feeling grateful

that jon's grandmother is back home and seems to be recovering well! thank you for all your positive energy and prayers. jon will be going to visit her and his parents next week. (deep breaths of relief all around.)

that millie is okay after a trip to the emergency vet sunday night. she swallowed a peach pit. dogs are not supposed to do that. off we went. i won't go into the details other than to say i am now the proud owner of a peach pit that once was in the stomach of my dog. (fortunately, no surgery needed.)

for the community i feel a part of because of blogging. thank you for your words of encouragement about my journey, my shop, my life.

feeling hopeful

that dana's health will be okay and that her kidneys will get well and behave as we know they can.

that others we know experiencing health concerns will heal. we have quite the list as we light the healing candle and it seems every couple of days the list grows. i hold onto hope for them all.

that my conversations with my grandmother will continue and that i can softly find my way into this new connection.

feeling the little girl inside me dance

that just when i wrote a post about wanting friends to go get coffee or wine with, I found myself enjoying some wine and food with a blogger from my town! deb and I had the best time last evening just talking about all the stuff life is about. she is a delight. as we talked, it was so interesting how we each understood the other's path so deeply.

for the fun i've been having creating commissioned prayer flag sets. here is a little peek of one i sent off last week:

begin series set 3

begin series set 3

for the possibilities i dream about in my head.

feeling the need to stand up and applaud

when reading this post. i have wanted to blog about rosie ever since i caught a few minutes of that bizarre split screen moment on the view two weeks ago. i have so enjoyed seeing this woman who speaks her truth and finds her way through creating and opening her heart; for the last few months, i would take a work break and enjoy my breakfast while watching the "hot topics" on the view. the writer of this piece rosie posted on her blog says all that i would have tried to say.

after watching the movie 86 Charing Cross Road. it was a simple movie, but it just was so delightfully good. almost like watching a play, so that was why i had the urge to applaud. i am going to write more letters.

for michelle's new adventure that has just begin

feeling inspired

by my brother and how he keeps seeking and attaining his dreams. here's a recent picture of the two of us. i hope we get to spend some good quality time together when he gets back from LA.

me and matt

by kristen's artist dates that she captures on film.

by christine's post filled with truth.

by judy's painting progression posts.

by kelly's new work.