Thursday, August 30, 2007

bring on the laughter

august 30

the truth is that lately i have felt buried under a lot of things: clutter, bills, debt, guilt, email*, projects, bloglines, requests, shoulds, and how the list goes on...

i am slowly getting out from under each of these things.

it feels good.

and lighter.

though i feel like i have only just begun to shed what i need to.

at least i have begun.

and part of feeling lighter is taking time to stop working, stop solving, stop organizing, stop worrying...and just laugh.

tonight, i am bringing on the laughter by watching back to back episodes of who's the boss**. haven't seen this show in, well, probably a decade. just love it.

my wish for you is that you take a moment to bring in the laughter today...

*speaking of email, i have to say this: i am still beyond behind in my personal email. i am ashamed, yet i also have to let this go a bit. i hope to wade through some of it this weekend, but, if you have emailed me and haven't heard from me and need or want to, could you email me again? thank you from the bottom of my heart in helping me let go of this pound of guilt.

**updated to say: i have to admit that even though i wasn't laughing really, i got more out of the next show on that random station i turned to last night, when the wonder years came on. that is a damn good show. reminded me to step outside myself a bit, which is always a good thing.