Wednesday, September 12, 2007

tea, toast with jam, and some virtual window shopping

sept 12

tonight, i made myself some tazo passion tea (it is that) and a wee bit of toast with jam, a french movie in the background, and sat down to a little virtual window shopping. this time of taking a break from working or well doing much of anything really while jonny grades not far from me and millie sighs with contentment, it is a time i am trying to give myself a bit more often. stopping the doing and just enjoying a little something for me...

my sacred life.


and here are just a few of the things that caught my eye while glancing at several shops (and i just had to put them in all know i have been doing a lot of organizing lately):

{dreaming of brisk fall days}

this wicked cool orange cap by linda

the tumbleweed trail lariat and the blossom capelet from fringe's shop

the little green apples scarflette and the eden crochet beanie from boutique pink designs

{jewels for the neck}

this necklace by karibeth

this maple tree necklace and this gorgeous necklace from the silent goddess

{made from vintage fabric}

an apron
a bracelet
a cuff (check out this artist's blog...creating things from thrifted and found items - fantastic stuff!)

{little guys to hug}

and how about some gorgeous stuffies like these and this adorable owl...oh and every. last. darn. creature. in. tiny warbler's shop.