Thursday, October 04, 2007

another thursday all about poetry

poetry on my shelf

Last week, Tracie Lyn shared the prompt of "utopia." It is a word full of possibility. I look forward to reading your responses to this prompt or whatever else you decide to share this week. Just go ahead and leave a comment on this post with your link.

Please note that this will be the last organized edition of the Thursday "Traveling Poetry Show." A big thank you to Delia, Carolee, Jillypoet, and Tracie Lyn who hosted Thursday posts these last few weeks.

At this time, a new project will not be taking its place.

My plan is to keep sharing posts about poems I enjoy, posts about poetry collections I am reading, my own poetry, and so on here. Probably on Thursdays. And, I hope you will do the same on your own blog. In fact, I am probably just going to keep calling this day of the week Poetry Thursday as that is what it has become over the last year and a half.

If doing your own thing on Thursdays isn't quite enough for you, there are several other projects out there to prompt your creativity as well (Carolee has a great list in her sidebar). Also, check out Susan Wooldridge's book Poemcrazy if you are looking for some poetry and writing prompts to get yourself going (you won't regret checking out this book).


A couple of weeks ago, a good friend said to me that I hold my cards close to my chest here in blog world. I guess I hadn't thought about this until she mentioned it because it feels like I spill and spill here on my blog. And, I do share a lot. But I don't always share details I guess.

The truth is that some things have happened in my life lately that lead me to know that, just as I knew a few weeks ago when Poetry Thursday ended, this is not the time for me to begin a new project in blog world. I need to move on from a few things in my life, and this is one of those things. And, even though that is all I am going to share right now, I deeply appreciate your kind understanding.

Thank you for everything really.

One thing I do know is that life it too short not to listen to the whispers of your heart. And, right now, I am in a time of sitting in the quiet listening to those whispers. I am also spending quite a bit of time with the books of poetry that live in my home, because it is always the poets who remind me I am not alone.

I hope that, for you, today and every day is a day full of adventures and truth in the world of poetry…