Wednesday, November 28, 2007

five (really) good things. right now.


1) The house is still clean! Which means the floor is clean. Which means I have space to dance. And this morning I did.*

2) A clean house means a clean kitchen. A clean kitchen means I want to cook. And, so I am. Using the veggies from our (new) organic delivery to make vegetable soup this evening.**

3) Currently on the counter of my clean kitchen, next to the veggies, are freshly delivered preserves. An anniversary gift from my dad that arrived today. Have I mentioned how much I adore peanut butter (or almond butter) and jelly sandwiches? Well, I really love them. I have been known to bring them to potlucks, and people smile when they see them and then talk about the good things of childhood.***

4) Along with the preserves came my delivery from Zappos. Am I the last person to explore the wonder that is Order them yesterday, arrive here today. Try them on and send back (for free) the pairs that don't fit. I bought another pair of these because they are like slippers. But, the other two didn't work, so I will be looking again.****

5) I am getting close to being done with my Christmas shopping. Deliveries are coming everyday lately. So fun to do most of it on etsy and other fantastic online shops...buying handmade is a lot easier than it might seem.*****

What are your five good things? Can you name five right now? Go ahead...I want to hear all about them.

*While listening to Marc Broussard sing "Home."
**Inspired by daisies, I am making it for Jon in the hopes that whatever illness latched on to him last night will decide to ease on down the road.
***Want to come over for a pb&j right now? We can have tea...
****I am looking for two kinds of shoes: a) a sneaker meets a comfortable walking shoe meets something really cute that can be worn with those low running socks. might try another style of keens as my mary janes can't quite pull that off. b) a sandal or sandal-like (and don't wear socks with) shoe that can be worn for walking long distances that is comfortable and doesn't rub (like tevas can) or need to be broken-in. oh. and i want them to be cute too. Any ideas/suggestions?
*****Current favorites I've found while looking for gifts:
these sachets
this print
these earrings (created by this blogger)
this ring
this stationery
this squid (created by this blogger)
these ipod cozies (i love mine!)
this scarf