Monday, December 03, 2007

a break in the rain, a trip to the mailbox

cloudy ceiling 12_3

wherever it can grow 12_3

reflect 12_3

smile via the mail 12_3

the rain begins again 12_3

persistent green 12_3

i am making up my own rules as i dance around participating in daisies "december views." i feel moved to focus on snapshots of my days. but, i also know that sometimes i need my words. so when i feel moved i will still speak a bit here, but i will also be keeping quiet and just sharing images that represent a small piece what today is to me.

tonight, i feel very aware of the importance of holding loved ones and even those i do not know who are in need in the arms of healing blessings. i also feel a bit aware of my own need for this.

sending you, wherever you are on your journey, peace and light...