Friday, December 14, 2007

felt circle garland tutorial...and a video post

i have been wanting to create a video blog post for a while now (inspired by donna downey and her delightful posts). so, i decided to create one for the felt circle garland tutorial. even if you don't plan on making the garland (or don't need a tutorial), i thought you might enjoy this little invitation into my home...though i am a tad bit longwinded...sorry about that...i just had so much fun "talking" to all of you out there in blog world!

i mentioned the following blogs/posts/projects in this video post:

alicial paulson and her pom pom and bead garland
sally shim and her linen leaf mobile
anna maria horner's felt garland tutorial via autum (and when i said it didn't require sewing, i totally meant it doesn't require a sewing machine as it does indeed include handsewing)
the little soft trees we made last year