Wednesday, December 12, 2007

five (really) good things on december 12

look up

1) laughing until my cheeks hurt so much i have to try to stop laughing in order to stop my cheeks from hurting but instead i just keep laughing some more

2) spending an extra hour in bed with miss millie this morning...she was curled up against me and i think we could have stayed there together all day (i say could because at least one of us, okay both of us, would have whined for breakfast or a bathroom break at some point)

3) really, really soft yarn and the thoughts of the gift it will become

4) listening to frank, bing, doris, and dean sing a few christmas tunes

5) remembering that perfection is really not the goal of it all

what are your five things...go on...think about five really good things about your'll wait...

now, please share.

i dare you.