Monday, February 11, 2008

and so it begins (again and again and again)

ripple 1

Last winter, like many other bloggers who dabble in artsy+crafty things, I was quite inspired by Jane's and Alicia's ripple blankets. Those two seemed to have inspired a movement over at "the no-end-in-sight ripple along."

After reading about everyone joining in on the fun, I wanted to crochet. Like. right. now. So, when my mom and I met for a few days in Arizona, I brought along my crochet hook so she could teach/remind me how to crochet. I learned about 20 years ago from Nanny…not my grandmother but the mother of my second cousin's wife who was a bit like a grandmother to me at times…and I crocheted a few potholders that year. I loved it, but I didn't pick it up again until February of last year. As my mom and I worked on a couple of scarves, I settled into the rhythm that is knitting and crocheting. Several scarves later, the rhythm of crochet resonates deeply in me.

And, I felt ready to make an afghan. And, of course, not just any afghan…THE afghan.

So I tried one pattern and crocheted my heart out throughout the second half of the Super Bowl. By the end of a very long row three, it was apparent that I did not understand the pattern even though I kept trying.

I tried another pattern I found online…but just couldn't get into the rhythm at all. It involved a chain stitch after a few stitches several times and I kept forgetting it and wouldn't realize it until the middle of the next long row.

Then the book Vintage Crochet arrived in all its gorgeousness.

To begin the chevron pattern, I needed to chain 216 +3.

I, of course, chained 219 +3 because I kept repeating 219, 219 in my head while counting.

I didn't realize the problem until things got wonky in row three.

So, I began again…

Success! I love the rhythm of this pattern. (And, this book seems fantastic. So many brilliant patterns that have an updated vintagey feel.)

ripple 2

Late last night, as I was midway through row six, I paused and looked down and started cracking up. It looks like my color choices were inspired by that very moment in time. (With a bit more light this morning, I have taken a photo so you can see what I mean…)

ripple 3

However, the color palette was actually inspired by the sweater worn by Miss Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I saw that movie three times in the theatre (and once at home since it was a gift for Christmas). I just love that movie (and I want to one day be able to crochet some sweaters like the one Luna wears). It is my favorite so far. I think it is partly because it came out as the book series ended and I felt so sad…but the movie made it seem like the really good part had just begun. Anyway, every time I would see Hermione's sweater for the first time in the movie, I would think about how I wanted to make an afghan with those colors…

And so it begins.

It is scary that I am matching my outfits with my crochet projects? It hasn't been done on purpose…but…it happened last week too

If you are in the midst of a ripple blanket or plan to start one soon, please let me know. We can double crochet rippled stripes together…