Wednesday, February 06, 2008

five (really) good things...right now

reflection at mickeys house

self-portrait at mickey's house, january 08

(i stopped by geek inc and felt inspired to share five reasons why i am smiling in this moment...right now...)

1. hearing joy in my brother's voice as we talked from one end of this coast to the other today (and more importantly, hearing him feel proud of himself)
2. hearing happiness in my mother's voice as we talked across the many miles
3. hearing my dad's voice after his surgery today...knowing he is okay even though he is so far away
4. hearing my friend's voice when i left her a voicemail...i knew she wouldn't be home, but it always feels a bit like talking to her after i hear her voice and then proceed to go on and on because i want to share something very specific
5. hearing my own laughter...oh it feels good to fill the house with laughter

i would love to hear your five good things today...
share them, won't you?