Wednesday, June 11, 2008

selma quilted pillows.

patchwork pillows

i've been having so much fun creating these quilted patchwork pillows over the last few weeks. they are part of the patchwork line named after my great-grandmother selma.

there is something truly magical about creating things that make you smile.

i am learning that we must focus on creating and doing the things that make us smile. we must surround ourselves with the things that ignite our inner spark. we must listen to the whispers of our hearts. we must pause long enough to hear the whispers...

backyard bubbles

the group of pillows that is left after the show is currently nestled on the guest bed...the colors grouped together in all their happiness.

ocean breezes

i've uploaded a few of these pillows to my etsy shop. i hope you'll stop by for some tea and take a look.