Friday, September 05, 2008

standing in the light

looking forward

there is a lightness. a moving forward. a letting go of the need to look behind.

momentum shoves into me. forcing me to step into the light. to step into the light and realize i am standing tall. rooted in all that i know. rooted in my wisdom.

with each breath of awareness of will remember this. i have known it all along of course, but it can be so easy to find myself in the dark for a bit...and how that "for a bit" can become for a long, long night sometimes.

this is how i (we) learn.

but today.
today i stand rooted with my face turned toward the sun.
i let the peace into the space around my heart. and i look forward. and smile.

i am living in my life.


i am off to new hampshire. taking my paints and pencils and paper and new natasha bags and aprons and patchworked scarves and necklaces...
off to gather up dear friends and meet a few dear friends and meet some new folks.

sending you blessings and peace,