Sunday, November 16, 2008

today. six.


six, 11.16.08

tonight, i remember a moment from this scene in good will hunting* where robin williams says to matt damon, "do you have a soul mate?...somebody who challenges you?...someone who opens up things for you. touches your soul."

i remember being in the theatre in college when i saw this movie and reflecting for a moment on the idea of a soul mate being someone who challenges you. i remember thinking how different this sounded than what other people had told me i was supposed to want. and i remember hoping...
one day...

on this day, i feel very blessed to have been married to someone who challenges me...who opens things...who pushes me and touches my have been married to him for six years.

very blessed.

*note that this scene, like this whole movie, has a whole heck of a lot of swear words you might not want your children to hear...but it is such a very good scene.