Monday, January 26, 2009

i see her.

i see her.

i see her grounded in her body as she moves across the floor, across the room, with arms twirling above her head. and her hips. those hips that shift and turn and twist to the beat of the song in the air. they twist and turn and she moves. how she moves to the music that seems to be part of her. it is as though she is directly connected to the boom ba boom of the beat of the sound in the air. she is directly connected to the soul of the singer and the rhythm as she moves and twists and twirls. her long hair becomes another extension of the body as her hips circle and her knees bend and her toes point and her arms that once belonged to a ballerina remember what it feels like to stretch as though they reach for the very moment when she first put on the ballet shoes and smiled that four-year-old girl's smile of glee.

i see her and marvel at how she lets go of the need to wonder what others are thinking or how she must look as her size sixteen body sinks inside the boom ba boom. she lets go of what others are thinking as she stretches her arms to either side and finds the rhythm with her fingertips and wrists as her hips rotate and her knees bend and her feet move quickly with purpose. her feet move with a purpose that wraps the entire room in a circle that vibrates with joy.

i see her and marvel.

i see her reflection as she twists and stretches and seems grounded in her body.

i see her and i see me.

i see me.

and i dance on.

i dance on