Thursday, June 04, 2009

five (really) good things (in the last few hours)


endless pacific . manzanita . may 2009

1. cooler air has moved in (to this land of no air conditioning) and there is a breeze coming in through the windows. still feels like summer...but summer with a breeze.

2. walking by my studio and peeking in at the fabric i am determined to play with this weekend.

3. leaning my head against jonny's shoulder as we sat in the cool movie theater together this afternoon (and smiling in this moment thinking about how we are heading back there to watch this on sunday as that is one of the things i want to do on the day i turn three-three).

4. freshly brewed strawberry osmanthus iced tea (oh so very good).

5. finally feeling really better...not perfect...but more like me.

what five really good things are part of your world right now?
share them.
i dare you.