Monday, July 20, 2009

finding my way...

cooling off in the evening during the heat of last week . back porch, july 2009

life whirls and breaths and laughs and cracks me open.

this is where i am.
cracking open

life is full, much fuller than it has been in years. it is full of good things. it is full of things that are, to be honest, work. good work. the work of dreams being lived into reality, but work all the same.

which finds me walking the path labeled balance. finding my way, sitting to rest, and looking up and wondering "how the hell did i get here?" and laughing at myself as i realize i made my way here. to this moment. yes, i did. finding my way and seeking shade and then in the next moment standing in the light with my face turned up as i smile into the truth. finding my way and realizing that asking for help is part of the path labeled balance. finding my way and knowing that collaborating brings the goodness. finding my way and realizing that finding my breath is the way to the path that is balance.

yes. it is good. breathe in. breathe out. open. whirl. laugh. breathe.

how are things in your world? i would love to know...