Wednesday, November 16, 2005

home equals love

Today is our third anniversary. My husband and I have been married three years. Wow.
(and of course as life gets in the way on the day you want to celebrate. tonight I taught yoga and we have to be up at 4 tomorrow so I can get to the airport so we will both be in bed soon. we celebrated Monday.)

I know that even as I search for the meaning of this word home, I am certain of one thing.
Home is love. Home is the space that rests between my husband and me; it is what we created when we decided to come together in this life.

I gave him a collage on wood created by Swirly Girl. (I will take a picture when I return from my trip so you all can see it.) It is called Wandering - the words say:

i was lost
ever so slightly
But then I found you
and I was home.

[ever so slightly]

This is it (of course). Home equals love. Home IS where the heart is. I am finding my way and I am home.

Still, I seek understanding of the home of childhood. That family before this one I live in now (meaning the "now" family of my husband, millie the golden, and me).
But I take a breath and know that I am home.
And I am blessed.

(I hope to be able to post a few notes here and there while I am gone. But if I can't, I will be back early next week.)