Monday, August 13, 2007

breathe in, breathe out


feeling a bit exhausted. reminding myself to breathe in and out.
life is good.
but wishing i was about to spend a few days at the beach.

today, i really spent some time thinking about how i am so blessed to have jon in my life. he keeps the sky from falling even when i try to convince myself the role of chicken little is to be played by me.

portland was good. i love that town. jon and i are finally finding our way around it, even if we do go in circles, or squares rather, because of all those one-way streets. had fun meeting folks at crafty wonderland and really enjoyed seeing my cousin and my brother. also got to meet susan, and i can't wait to hopefully have coffee with her the next time i am in town. i also bought a kendra binney print. i love that girl's art.

hope things are bright where you are...i would love it if you would share something wonderful that has happened in your world lately.

oh and i am slowly uploading some new totes and flags to my little shop this week, and i hope you will stop by and take a peek.