Saturday, August 11, 2007

portland bound and inspiration palette, august 11

if you are in the portland area, i hope you will come to crafty wonderland tomorrow! there will be about 40 artists + crafters there and you are certain to find something you look at and think "this was made for me." (or "this is perfect for [insert name here]" of course.) along with the vendors, there will be a DIY table where you can learn something new and help raise money for race for the cure.

the details:
crafty wonderland
doug fir lounge
830 e. burnside

if you do come, please be sure to stop by and say "hi." i will be the one in the apron with all the flags and bags...


i wanted to share the color palette that has been catching my eye on flickr. if you haven't already spent time just typing in search words and browsing through flickr, i highly recommend it as an at-home artist date.

inspiration palette, august 11

1. dahlia cream, 2. lace and roses, 3. Linen, 4. Work in Progress July 21, 5. Untitled, 6. kartiot, 7. puntina per fazzoletto ecrù, 8. Jar of White Vintage Buttons, 9. Latch, 10. my apron-style dress, 11. lace bookmark, 12. Elegant Victorian Inspired Antique Lace Choker with Rhinestone Trim and Brooch, 13. GSW_2x3Neg_Book2_086m, 14. Wedding gift, 15. spool, 16. Lace handkerchief, 17. cotton bois, 18. closed, 19. old lace, 20. P1010139


one more note: if you have emailed me in the last two (okay, really three...maybe even four) weeks and haven't heard from me...well...i am sorry about that. i am buried in my emails and other things (not to mention the part that my sewing machine broke this week amidst some other personal stuff). i hope to get back to you next week (and yes, this means you kim, and kim, and leonie, and lindsey, and lisa, and how the list goes on...). thank you for your patience with me and your friendships...